Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

We're getting quite a show from Mother Nature here today.  Snow is expected to fall all day today and on through til tomorrow morning. After which, a blast of frigid arctic air will move in for about a week.  And to add to all the gloom and doom...I find out that there is a massive round of layoffs at work.  I won't know until tomorrow if I still have a job or not.  I prayed about it and left it to the Lord. He knows best. I love my job. At times some of my co-workers can be a trial in patience but overall I love my job.  If the worst happens, I know I will find another job that I love.  God works in mysterious ways and I know He will guide me where I need to be.   One only need look around to see that He is definitely in charge.  He likes to remind me that even though I do not like snow....there is beauty in everything.  I hope you'll agree.


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  1. Yay for snow! We are getting a little dusting here in Georgia too. Not much to be excited about but of course we are. Good luck with your job!