Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Perfectly Delicious

Hello there. Feeling a bit better today. Spent most of the day nibbling on oyster crackers and sipping ginger ale. Didn't want to rush back into solid foods. You know, just in case. Everything seems to have run its course though. I decided to keep to a easy to digest meal tonight and so glad that I did.  I believe I've mentioned that it has been bone chilling cold here lately. I have mentioned that, haven't I? Well what better to take the chill away than a nice hot bowl of soup. Yes I know I said chili the other night but let's pretend I didn't. ;-)
Today I brought out the crock pot and made some Tastefully Simple Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup.   Amazing.  And before I go much further, I think I should clarify that I do not sell Tastefully Simple Products, nor get paid for the promotion of its products in any way. I just happen to be a huge fan. I am not a cook. I think I have mentioned that also. So, anything that is tasty and simple to make gets approval from me. I especially love anything I can cook in the crock pot. I have a short attention span and slow cookers are nothing short of a Godsend for me.  Perfect goodness and all I did was add water. And a little leftover broccoli. Topped it with a dollop of Daisy (Light). Look at that. Does that look delicious or what?

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  1. Yes, Sarah ... it looks delicious. I am not a cook, either. It definitely is not one of my gifts. For one thing, I married a very picky husband and so that has always made it uninspiring to experiment. I could try new things for myself, I guess. But I just don't enjoy being in the kitchen. I have never owned a crock pot, but my sisters do and my Mom did also. I know they have made some tasty meals that way. I need to break down and get one. You may just inspire me to do just that. Glad you're feeling a little better today.