Friday, January 29, 2010

The Hand Of God

Whenever natural disasters strike, its inevitable someone will reference "The Hand of God". It makes me wonder if people only see God in destruction, You never hear someone exclaim "The Hand of God" upon seeing a rainbow or witnessing an amazing sunset.  Shameful really because...that is truly where "The Hand of God" lies. God doesn't cause bad things to happen to us. People just don't realize that every moment of every day there is a war waging, a battle of good and evil, and the prize is your soul. Evil creates bad things and waits, laughingly, while the world would blame its opponent. Why does no one ever blame Satan when there is an earthquake or a tornado. Truth be told....the Hand of Satan would be much more accurate it would seem. No my friends, The Hand of God, the same Hand that forms the flowers and the trees and each little hair on your head, is not the same Hand that would create chaos and pain, hurt and confusion.

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