Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Beginnings Part 2

Hello friends. Sorry I didn't get the chance to update the past few days. Some very exhausting, but good, things going on here.  I did manage to survive this round of layoffs. As nice as that is, I still feel a lot of sorrow and anxiety for those who did not. Many of whom were very good friends. I wish them well in their new endeavors, and pray for them, that God Blesses them in their new beginnings.  I missed a few days of work last week due to my little red dye incident, but thankfully I could work it out so that vacation covered most of it.  With things being  as unstable as they are, I decided it was in my best interest to get my butt into work and make up as much of that missed time as I could. I did manage to make up the entire 8 hours over the course of  Friday and Saturday. Whew.  Working 6 hours yesterday sure made for a long day though. Why? Well, as you have started to realize, 2010 seems to have a running theme of new beginnings. While some may be set on that path by events not of their making, others choose to set foot on it. Yesterday, after what seems a lifetime together, my brother and his significant other finally got married.  FINALLY! I meant to say. They have been together for about 10 years now.  My brother has a soon to be 18 year old daughter from a previous, and the two of them have a very soon to be 6 year old together. AND...they are expecting a new baby this summer.  Lots of new beginnings in their family this year. The older one will all to soon be embarking on a path to college making her own new beginning. A new life to look forward to means that the little one now will soon be the big sister in the house. A new role she is looking forward to because she is so in awe of her own big sister.
The wedding was small. Immediate family only and each of them invited 2 of their closest friends and their families.  There were about 30 people in all. It was very relaxed and informal and afterwards we all went out to dinner at a nice little Italian Restaurant.   A nice restaurant with very tasty food. ITALIAN FOOD.  I will not lie. It was all very tempting. Very very tempting. I did manage to stick with meat free choices and the waitress was very nice and patient with me. She helped me make some excellent meat free choices and I appreciated it very much.  I know it will not always be that easy.  I went with a small dish of  cheese ravioli and small dish of mostociolli.  It was served with a wonderful Italian Salad that the waitress had the pepperoni removed from and a side of garlic and pizza bread.  Incredible culinary experience.

And,,,yes....I did have a piece of the cake.  ;)

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  1. Sarah, your meal looks and sounds very delicous. I'm glad you let yourself have a piece of cake. Congratulations to your brother and his wife. I'm happy to hear you did not lose your job. But I, too, am sorry for the ones whose news was not as happy. This is a time of new beginnings in my life, too. I feel like a season of life is coming to a close, with Mark moving to Australia. I pray I will be able to look upon this time as a chance to begin new goals. May we be an encouragement and help to each other in these new things.