Monday, May 24, 2010

Changing Courses

I seem to be doing myself a bit of harm with this no meat thing so I do have to incorporate a little into my diet. Still sticking with the mostly veggie though. I love the fresh vegetables this time of year so I don't expect much to change. My focus these next few months is going to be on breaking a habit that is doing me much more harm than the consumption of meat. Pop. Soda. Carbonated beverages. Call it what you will but that stuff is killing me.  It's an addiction as surely as if it were labeled COCAINE. I drink diet so the calories are not the problem, but I think the diet is worse in terms of harmful chemicals. My worst symptom of this addiction is acid reflux. And want to know how bad the addiction is.....I was washing down my acid reducers with pop.  No more though. Yesterday started my attempt to break this addiction. No pop at all. I chose a perfect day too.  First hot day of  the year. OY. Now normally.....I'd beat that heat with a nice tall glass of diet pepsi full of ice. Nope, not anymore. I drank a gallon of tea...BY MYSELF.  Today is worse and I think I might make it through most of a second gallon.  Like I said....OY. Still not craving the pop but its easy not drinking it when I don't have it. Tomorrow at work might be a different story.  That brightly lit neon machine is like a beacon of all things cold and wonderful and might be a little hard to ignore.

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