Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Savanna

Today my sweet girl turns 6. Since today also happens to be the Super Bowl, and who wants to compete with that, her Daddy and Mommy opted to celebrate next weekend instead. Smart parents. I decided that no 6 year old should have to wait a week for presents and went over and picked her up. We went to the store to pick out her birthday present. Yes, Aunt Sarah is cool like that.  Savanna had her heart set on a Cake Maker.  It's actually more of a cake decorator.  You bake little mini-cakes in silicone pans in the microwave and then decorate them with the awesome decorating tools that come in the Cake Maker.  Looks like a airbrush tool. That could be fun for Savanna and a little frustrating for her parents.  She had to have it though. You see, Savanna is set on having a cake bakery when she is older. She wants to call it Savanna's Cakery.   She loves to help bake, so who knows, maybe that is her calling.
After the store we stopped in at Culver's for a little pre-birthday ice cream sundae. She got hers with Andes Mints, which she swore she loved, and I got one with Heath Bar bits.  After 2 bites, she picked around the mints to get to the hot fudge and when that was done, she "talked" me into trading with her. I figured it was coming. I know her. She doesn't like mint.
When the ice cream was gone, we went next door to Highlander to order her birthday cake for her party next  week.  She was getting a little upset as we looked through the book because all of the cakes were sports or for little kids.  UNTIL---the High School Musical Cake.  We didn't have to even finish looking through the book.  I knew as soon as we turned to that page that was the one she would want.  It was red and yellow and had a little plastic keepsake locker on it that contains stickers and a "yearbook' journal.  There is one thing you need to know about Savanna. For whatever reason, and I have no clue where it came from believe me, the kid is fascinated to the point of obsession with lockers. Strange. I know. But that is my Savanna. From day 1, she's been her own person. Some might call her stubborn but she knows what she wants and she doesn't let anyone tell her any different.
On the ride back to her house, we got into a deep discussion about God and Satan. She told me that Satan makes people do bad things. I explained to her that yes, Satan does give us ideas to do bad things, and encourages us to do bad, but we all have a choice to do or not to do something that is bad or wrong.   I love that she can be the most fun and silly and outrageous kid, and then strap her into her booster seat and she's ready to have deep philosophical conversations.  Her big sister was like that too and I hope the new baby gets that same trait.  It's been a wonderful, crazy, beautiful 6 years and I can't wait to see what the next 6 bring.


  1. Wishing Savanna a very happy birthday from England xxx

  2. It was enjoyable to read this! You should keep a a journal for her with all these wonderful memories!

  3. She is so cute, Happy Birthday Savanna!

  4. What a wonderful posting, Sarah. Your love for Savanna just shines right through your pictures and your words. She is so blessed to have such a loving and doting Aunt. I know she fills your days with sunshine. A true gift from God. Happy Birthday, Savanna!