Sunday, July 4, 2010

Playing In The Lightroom

I've been using PSE 2.0 for so long and have been so hesitant to spend the big bucks to buy Lightroom. But I downloaded a free 30 day trial and have to say...I am loving it. Not sure if I will purchase Lightroom or not but I am definitely going to upgrade to something more pro. I love the look it gives photos. PSE 2.0 is pretty limited but it's very easy to use. So..not sure what one I am going to go with...but new software soon.

I shot this photo at high noon because it was an on location shoot hours from my home and was the only available time of day. It was full sun and so colors were washed out...shadows were many. But Lightroom was able to save it. Love the color now.
I did this picture of Baby A a few weeks ago but didn't like the cold tones and sharpness of the original. No matter what I did in PSE 2...I could not get the tone right. I love how it looks now. Hope her Grandma does too.

and one more.....

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  1. what an adorable baby, great editing Sarah, you just keep getting better and better!
    That pic of Megan is gorgeous!