Monday, March 15, 2010

Vegetarian Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken from Panda Express is one of my favorite things.  But being meat free means no trips for me. When I seen that my grocer now stocks Panda Express sauces, I decided to give it the ol' homemade try. 

First take these...cut the nuggets in half to make nice bite size pieces. Use just enough Orange Sauce
to coat, and then bake as directed on packaging.
Then take some of these...whatever frozen stirfry veggies that you like and cook according to package.
I added in some of these to absorb the extra moisture from the frozen veggies.

When done....add the veggies to a bowl...
add in the nuggets....

 And you have a nice bowl of tasty Orange Chik'n. You can even add in a little extra sauce at this point but is very strong stuff. Does it taste JUST like Panda Express? NOOOOOO but it is pretty good and it's very low in fat and calories. And VERY easy to make.


  1. awesome! I'm so hungry right now and don't have any of those yummy things on hand!ughhh..Sarah!!! ;)

  2. your photos make going meat free look so yummy!