Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Heaven

Things have been crazy around here. What else is new, right? A week after Little J passed...Tuffy began walking with a limp. I thought it was his arthritis and started giving him some glucosimine.  The limp got noticeably worse. He began dragging his foot. I made an appointment with the vet. Tuffy had not been to the vet since November of 2007.  His previous illness and experiences left, shall we say...a very negative vibe about the vet's office.  As much as it stressed him out, I took him in. He has a dropped hock.  The only way I can explain that is to say that cats and dogs walk on only part of their foot. The padding.  Tuffy's foot is completely down.  The muscle has dropped.  That can happen with diabetes or if there is a blood clot/stroke in the spinal column.  Both of those scenarios would have left him with dropped hocks on both sides. It is almost never (never say never) single sided.  We ran tests anyway. No diabetes. His levels were completely normal. No sign of stroke.  There is a chance it could have been caused by trauma, as in a misplaced jump. However, at no time during the exam did he react as if he were in pain.  So not sure what is going on with the little guy.  Praying that it is indeed just an injury that needs time to heal.   Other than that, trying to stay busy and find a new normal. I'm doing a few portrait shoots, working on teaching myself new ways to edit. Loving that.  I'm working a lot with adding textures.  I had this picture of my nephew Dalton taken when he was 3 weeks old. He was sitting on a green couch. I cloned the crease lines of the couch cushions out and then added a blue tye dye texture and boosted the saturation. Then I did a simple lighten action on it to blend the look together.  It looks like it was definitely taken on a backdrop. he not the most adorable little bug ya ever seen.  He's almost 3 months old now. I'll be doing his portraits again this week =)


  1. He is adorable!!

    That background looks great. Love the colors. Good job.

  2. You did great on the background Sarah. Getting good at it, you can't even tell it's been altered.